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COVID-19 not only changes our look with multi-colored masks. The concept of the workplace is changing in general, with mobility becoming an integral part of many working days. It is modeled that in the very near future, one third of employees will not work in offices that have already become ordinary and as if traditional, but will count their working hours without being tied to one physical location. In recent years, the number of cooperation spaces and their occupancy has been actively growing in Lithuania. Kaunas is no exception.

It is no surprise to say that there are significantly more such companies, they choose cooperation spaces or work where a person joins for an hour or half a day. This is especially true for the creative professions, service vendors, who can only deal with a personal computer or tablet and whose work schedule and location are not fixed. The most important thing is the result that such employees achieve by performing functions motivated from anywhere.

KONVERSUS verslo centras, Chemijos g. 15
Workplaces for rent in Kaunas

About 40 cooperation workplaces are installed in the premises of the KONVERSUS business center, located in a strategically convenient location in Kaunas and their number and occupancy can be changed simply and quickly according to needs of clients. Depending on each client needs 12 dedicated leased collaboration workspaces are created at 3 floor of the building, offices with a number of work places ranging from 1 to 8.

Meetings with clients and colleagues of the self-employed, of freelancers, usually take place in our independent ‘headquarters’, which is the new business concept of KONVERSUS is aimed at them. We believe that such a policy of our company can serve many stakeholders, business people, small and medium-sized enterprises.

The existing space of the building has all the conditions to operate for the largest IT software developers, manufacturers’ representatives, as well as specialists in other fields, as well as for global concerns working in Lithuania, developing products for their customers from foreign countries.

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Coworking offices in Kaunas

About 30-40% places of co-working currently leased in KONVERSUS office building. Clients settle down for several important reasons: due to convenient communication, due to representation, due to work efficiency. A small office in the strategic location of Kaunas is usually worth renting for a few people who do not need to be in one part of the city every day. In this case, it is still possible to save your precious time, as there is no need to take care of administrative functions, office cleaning, technical operation and daily maintenance issues.

More and more cost-conscious entrepreneurs are choosing spaces for collaboration because of the opportunity to increase work efficiency, socialization opportunities, and the psychological aspect. Renting collaborative spaces for this type of ‘office’ is especially relevant for self-employed people or start-ups. If the business grows, it is not difficult to expand the number of jobs needed by the organization by renting more than one office, but several or choose larger areas for medium and larger companies.

To sum up: KONVERSUS meeting rooms, coffee and tea, juice and snacks, security, office and secretarial services, parking, photo studios and everything you could need for a smooth work without worrying about the details.

The meeting to discuss the possibilities.

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